Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW)

Six Year 12 pupils  from St John Baptist CiW High School have been working with Future Valleys Construction since September as part of a project with Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW).

They were partnered with them to propose a new design for the footbridge that is part of the Taff Trail, that runs across Cefn Coed near Merthyr Tydfil.  They visited the site in November and had monthly check in meetings with Future Valleys Construction.

The team completed all work during their free lessons where they had weekly meetings.  They also had a WhatsApp group to keep each other up to date.  They distributed the work between the team with everyone having their own area of responsibility.  After all proposing potential designs, they merged the best ideas to create a model of their final design.  They also had a to write an industry style report to present all aspects of their work.

On 22nd March they represented the school in Swansea Arena presenting the work they completed to employers and university lecturers.

There were 51 schools there and thirteen awards available.

Our pupils were shortlisted for three awards:

  • Best use of STEM for Sustainability
  • Most Effective Presentation of the Chosen Solution
  • Best Overall Team Performance

They were the winners for Most Effective Presentation of the Chosen Solution! They won a £500 prize which includes £50 for each of them and the rest for the D&T department.

They were a credit to the school and should be very proud of their work and performance.