Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Year 7 in a secondary school is a particularly important occasion in a pupil’s school life, providing him or her with a new experience but also with fresh opportunities. On the basis of information received from the primary schools, supplemented by the results of standardised tests conducted early in the Michaelmas Term, pupils in each annual Year 7 intake are placed in one of six forms. There is an upper band of 4 forms and a middle band of two forms. This last band will include any pupils within the intake having particular learning difficulties. Specialised help in the development of skills in which they are underachieving is provided, in and through the School’s Special Education Department and learning support programme.

The school curriculum aims to provide breadth, balance and relevance for each of our pupils. In Year 7, pupils study Art, English, French, German, Information Technology, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Personal and Social Education, Physical Education, Religious Education, Spanish, Science, Design Technology and Welsh. The school teaches two Modern Foreign Languages (French and German). In Year 8, the subjects taken in the previous year are continued. There is “setting” in English and Mathematics from Year 8.